How to succeed at succession? Use the “BE PROACTIVE” formula!

Next Generation Revolution

Be proactive

I believe that this is at the core of every single achievement in life. You have to be proactive; you have to make things happen. Successors that wait for others to take the lead in the succession planning process, will most likely wait forever!

Educate yourself (about yourself, your business and the world)

I don’t mean only formal education (degree, MBA…), but keep on learning at every opportunity about:


Who do you know you are? What do you really want? Do you have what it takes? Can you develop the skills you are missing? Do you want to? Are you willing to pay the price to succeed? Know yourself and keep improving!

Your Family Business:

What kind or business are you really in? Bus Company or transporting passengers? Have you SWOT it? Where is the industry going? Where is the business going?

The world:


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