A Successful Woman

A successful woman has died. She did not have an MBA, or run a Fortune 500 company or have a “job,” other than being the heart of a family.  She was a wife, a mother, a mother in law, a grandmother, a sister, a friend… a woman.

In the past I didn’t really consider women that dedicated their entire adult lives to caring for their families as successful. To me success meant having a great career, making good money and being recognized for what you do professionally.

She did not have any of those, but what a great success her life was!

She raised three wonderful men. She taught them the values of hard work, honesty, humility, and achievement. She supported them, even when she did not agree with their decisions.  She raised them to be free, courageous, generous, respectful and she helped them to achieve a fulfilled life. She was proud of her sons’ professional and personal success: their success was her success.

She welcome three daughters-in-law into her family and made them feel loved, accepted and an important part of a close family. She treasured, cared and respected them as if they were her own daughters.

She welcomed five grandchildren and became the most caring and fun grandmother any child could wish for. She was always there if they were hungry or scared or wanted a playmate. She enjoyed watching them as they played, or ran or made a mess of her kitchen; she loved the little ones so much!

She was the heart of the family, keeping us together around delicious food, great wine and fun company. She loved all of us and made every one of us feel so special.

One day she got sick and we all held our breath hoping for the best. Sadly, the best did not happen.

I still want to have a great career and be recognized for my work. But now I know what is truly going to make me feel successful and let me go in peace when my time comes. Thanks for a great lesson on what is truly important in life.

In memory of Martha, a successful woman. You will always be in my heart.

Written by Carmen Lence