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  1. Albert says:

    Hi Carmen,

    Just a small comment. I suppose your father “founded” your family business rather than finding it. Anyways, if he found it and made it his own, he was indeed lucky.


  2. Dr. J says:

    Hi Carmen,
    I can see why you liked James E. Hughes lecture so much! This is such a thought-provoking topic. When I think of my family, there was a feeling that everyone must make it on his or her own and not expect to “be handed” anything or have a head start! (“shirt sleeves to shirt sleeves in TWO generations! 😉 Any sense of the family as a group project seems to have been lacking. One of my favorite books is Mama’s Bank Account, by Kathryn Forbes. You can read the first chapter on amazon.com and that is all you really need to see what makes it so special.
    Jane, aka “Dr. J”

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